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Smoke Me by Brizbazaar Non-Flocked Blacklight Poster 24" x 36"

Smoke Me Non-Flocked Blacklight Poster Image
Smoke Me Non-Flocked Blacklight Poster Image
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Manufacturer: Black Ball Corp.
UPC: 810103880597

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Smoke Me by Brizbazaar Non-Flocked Blacklight Poster 24" x 36"

Non-flocked blacklight posters use special UV (blacklight) reactive inks for a trippy glowing effect when viewed under ultraviolet light. Don't forget a UV light (blacklight) to make the most out of these psychedelic blacklight posters. Non-flocked means they do not have the velvet-like fibers in the black areas like a traditional flocked blacklight poster (no flock dust).

Brandi Young, otherwise known as Brizbazaar, is a self taught graphic artist born and raised in the Appalachia Region of Eastern Kentucky. Briz's work focuses around sacred geometry, spirituality, the cosmos, and good vibes. The meaning behind her funky, psychedelic creations are left up to the mind of the observer.

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