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Penelope Fairy By: Fred Winkler Poster - 36" X 24"

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From childhood Fred enjoyed all things fantasy. He was a very creative child and teenager, always drawing, always creating, and that continued into his adulthood. 

With fantasy being such a massive passions of Freds it was inevitable that he would start creating his own magical art sooner or later. He started off creating many fairy pictures in coloured pencil and chalk, many of which are still very popular. 

In 2007 he started working digitally. Over the first year he used digital watercolour for his creations, which was mainly fairy and goddess based. His art style in these early days was what is called modern pop-art, meaning bright colours, bold poses and a minimalistic feel.

In 2008 he started art school and took classes in photorealism, as that was an area that was always of great interest to him. During this time he also moved from his signature style of modern pop-art to a more traditional fine art style, which you can be noticed in his early 2008 work. Because he was always drawn to the dark side of fantasy he started creating Vampires and Demons, adding to the collection a fairy or two and a few goddesses. For these new advanced style paintings he started using digital airbrushes.

While studying art and learning more about his craft, Fred focused a lot of his time and work on commission art in order to finance his new career path. He also took a great interest in photo manipulations, something that helped him greatly to understand his art further and something that gave him a great advantage when he started working on his photorealistic style.

When he finished art school in 2010 he decided to concentrate fully on this new style and now uses digital acrylics and watercolour as well as oil for his photorealistic fantasy work. He allows his dark side to come out when creating his work, and most of his pictures also have a sexy and sassy side to them.

Fred launched his website in 2008 as a digital artist, and since 2009 he is a full time self representing artist.

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